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    Are you looking for an insured cleaning company that is environmentally friendly, and passionate for what it does? You have come to the right place!
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Post – Construction Clean Up

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We help with the TRANSFORMATION of a construction site into a HABITABLE space, with a good deep cleaning and…

Commercial Cleaning

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We have SPECIALIZED cleaning PROTOCOLS focusing on the little details  that are not usually perceived in…

Pressure Washing


We provide a pressure washing service to remove mold, sand and grease, accompanied by professional window…

Professional Window Cleaning


We have TRAINED personnel in heights and the NECESSARY equipment for cleaning windows or glass facades.

Senior Homes Cleaning


At Freaky Clean we have a special cleaning
protocol for Senior homes with fungicidal and
antibacterial products.

Massage Candles

Recurso 2-100

Candles make every home cozy and warm, and at Freaky Clean, we understand this concept perfectly.

Ace Handyman Services


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ace Handyman Services – West Charlotte to help our clients with all their handyman, renovation and  restoration needs. 

Are you looking for a professional cleaning company, with all its requirements in insurance, environmentally friendly, and passionate for what it does?
Welcome, you are in the right place.