The Freaky Clean

Deep cleaning: Domino's

    Date of service

    Freaky Clean delivers to, email: , the work of the property located at , where it is recorded that it receives this clean, organized space and with the previously negotiated requirements.

    - Doors.
    - Walls.
    - Greasy spots on ceiling.
    - Corners and baseboards.
    - General Floor Cleaning.
    - Trash cans.
    - Shining of metallic overhead part of oven.
    - Window cleaning inside and outside.
    - Refrigerators.
    - Dusting and cleaning of TVs.
    - Dusting and Cleaning of monitors.
    - Dusting and Cleaning of keyboards.
    - Cleaning of computer mousses.
    - Cleaning of phones.
    - Bathroom cleaning.
    - Mats.


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