The Freaky Clean

Rose petals Eco-friendly 🌱

100% soy wax,Β 9oz


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ROSE PETALS Eco-friendly 🌱

And what if today you give yourself a gift as a symbol of self-love, of prioritizing yourself, and reaffirming that decision to love yourself more each day? Rose petals symbolize love in all its aspects, not just the romantic kind. Family love, friendship, loyal love, selfless love…

Scent Type: Sweet combined with Imperial Roses.

Made with fine wax and essential oils, suitable for massages without causing allergies or skin irritations.


✨ 9oz soy wax candle, biodegradable and natural, with Imperial rose petals and high-quality essence.

✨ Burn time: Approximately 40-45 hours.

✨ Reusable glass container.

✨ Cotton wick.

✨ We recommend not burning the candle for more than 2 and a half hours at a time.

✨ Always let the first layer burn completely before extinguishing.

✨ Clean the wick by removing the black part before relighting.