A study has shown that offices are covered with viruses and it is not enough with just cleaning your desk as people cough or go to the bathroom without washing their hands allowing bacteria and germs to spread easily.

The study consisted of performing culture with Petri dishes that are small containers with agar, a substance that is extracted from some algae and used as a culture medium for microorganisms and is also used for environmental control to determine the contamination of surfaces, kitchens and operating rooms. The results showed that the place where most bacteria and germs are located is inside the buttons of the elevators, telephones, printers, keyboards, microwaves and kitchen tables.

Most people clean, but do not do it well because of the constant rush. Most of the owners of a company prefer that their employees perform the cleaning tasks to avoid an extra expense within the company without considering that many of these employees use the same treatment to clean all areas even with the same cloth that is used to clean bathrooms. I personally experienced it during a training period to clean a pediatric office. the person who was training me argued that it was more important to save time. With the cloth that was used to clean the bathroom, it was used to clean the water dispenser. I was disgusted and it had such a big impact on me that I never used a water dispenser ever again.

That is why, at Freaky Clean, we recommend leaving office cleaning only in the hands of professionals, since the health of many employees depends on their good hygiene. If this is the case in your office and you want to take part in our referral plan, you just have to leave us the information of the person who is in charge of making the decision and we will take care of the rest.

Earn this season until June 30,10% of commission if we close a contract with the person you referred to. We also have other incentives such as a basket with vegan cleaning products for your home.