The Freaky Clean

ING Constancia de seguridad OSHA

    Complying is a record based on the requirements and suggestions of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for compliance with the rights and duties of workers.

    I On the day , I am lending a cleaning service for Freaky Clean LLC located in and I certify that I have received prior training on the use and use of tools and liquids, that I am working in an environment that does not present serious hazards and that complies with all safety regulations, I do not work with anything related with heights and I take full responsibility for having an adequate use of the stairs, I certify that I do not have any type of allergies related to cleaning liquids used by freaky clean, As today I do not present any disability or pain and I am in good physical condition to perform the duties assigned to me by Freaky Clean.
    I promise to make good use of the knives and other sharp implements according to the company's spe-cifications. Additionally, the proper use of helmets, glasses, vest and shoes for this project is on my ac-count.

    Project manager